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Wagon West residents can access our online Park Calendar to view a variety of upcoming events and activities all in one place. Shown below is help to access the Calendar and make it more useful for you.​

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    In case of emergency, call '911'. Give locations and instructions to use AED defibrillators.
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    Future answer here...
  • How do I open the front gate?
    1: Click your fob to open the gate and enter the park, or 2: On the call box outside the gate... Press '999 CALL', where 999 is the 3-digit unit number (e.g., 042). The call box dials the unit owner who verbally identifies the caller. If authorized, the owner presses '9' on their phone keypad to remotely open the gate, or 3: On the call box outside the gate... Scroll the display up ('A') or down ('Z') until the owner's name and unit appears. Press CALL. The call box dials the unit owner who verbally identifies the caller. If authorized, the owner presses '9' on their phone keypad to remotely open the gate. 4. On the call box outside the gate... During open office hours, enter '000' and press 'CALL'. The call box dials the office who verbally identifies the caller. If authorized, the office presses '9' on their phone keypad to remotely open the gate. Tip: Use the call box options to dial your own phone number or a neighbor's if you don't have a fob.
  • How can I get a new fob?
    1. Purchase a fob from the office with batteries and have it registered to your phone number. 2. Purchase a fob online, for example Transmitter Solutions Monarch 433TSPW1K, install new [batteries], and have the office register it to your phone number.
  • [Rental units?]
    Needs an answer for any differences. For example, what phone number will the call box dial?
  • Why doesn't my fob work?
    1. Ensure the fob is within range of the antenna located atop the call box. 2. Ensure the fob is registered with the office. 3. Replace the fob's batteries. 4. Purchase a new fob.
  • What 3-digit code do I use for lettered units?
    Contact the office[!] for the 3-digit equivalent to lettered units.
  • How do I replace my fob's batteries?
    1. Purchase two CR2016 coin batteries from Batteries Plus who will install them for free. 2. Pry open the fob case using a small coin or screwdriver, replace the two CR2016 coin batteries with the '+' facing up, and reassemble the case.
  • Why doesn't my phone ring when the gate calls my unit number?
    1. Ensure the office has the correct phone number associated with your unit. 2. If your phone is set to only ring for known callers, add the front gate as a Contact on your phone. For example, 'WW Front Gate', 520-358-7268. [Also 520-554-4370?]
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  • Who can access the Wagons West Park Calendar?
    Residents – current owners and renters – with a username and password may access the Calendar online. The Calendar is not available to the general public.
  • Will my current Wagons West website login give me access to the Calendar?
    Yes, many Wagons West website Members may already have accounts that will access the Park Calendar and other Member-only features. Just login as before.
  • What if I have a website account, but forgot my password?
    If you forgot your password, click ‘Forgot password?’ on the Log In form and follow the instructions. You will receive an email to reset your password.
  • How do I get an account to access the Calendar online?
    To request a new Wagons West website Member account, first, click "Park Calendar" or "Log In" in the Wagons West website menu: Next, select "Sign Up" in the Log In form. Next, complete the New Member Request form: Finally, click "Request Account". If you qualify, you will receive an account confirmation email within 24 hours.
  • What should I do when the Sign Up form says "A member with this email address already exists."
    This message means that you already have a Wagons West website Member account. Instead of "Sign Up", go to the "Log In" form and enter your username and password there.
  • Calendar view characteristics
  • What if I have a question about an event?
    Each event should include a contact name for further information. Please contact them directly. If a contact is not shown, contact the event category maintainer listed above the Park Calendar.
  • Why are the event times wrong?
    All Park Calendar events are set to Mountain Standard Time. If event times appear wrong to you, check your device's time zone setting.
  • Print a Calendar view
    Note 1. The Calendar is optimized for viewing online rather than printing. Note 2. There is no ability to print a single Event’s details other than a screen print or screen shot. Select the printer icon: Check your preview and printer settings. Continue to print or save the Calendar view locally.
  • What if an event is missing or needs updating?
    Above the Park Calendar is a list of people and their emails who maintain various event categories. Contact them directly if an event needs attention. Or you can enter the information in the Park Calendar Request form and submit it to the webmaster for action.
  • Select a Calendar view
  • Add an Event to your personal calendar
    Open an Event. Then select the Google, Yahoo!, Apple or Outlook calendar icon that matches your personal calendar: If needed, edit the Event settings, such as setting a reminder, and save to your personal calendar.
  • Search for Event(s)
    To search for Event(s) in the Calendar, select the magnifying glass icon: Start entering your Event keyword. All matching Events appear in the Calendar view below. The Calendar includes past Events, so be sure to check the date. Scroll down to see the list of matching Events. Select an Event to see the details. To reset the search results, select the magnifying glass icon and select "X" to clear.
  • Jump to Today
    The "Today" text appears whenever the Calendar view does not show today's date. Click or tap "Today" to jump to Today's date. The Today feature does not apply to Agenda view.
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