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Wagons West features an abundance of top-notch amenities, some located in our spacious "North 40" recreation area. About 65 Committees -- from Bible Study to Valentine's Dance -- host a variety of regular activities and special events, both inside and outside the park. See our Weekly Planner for Regularly Scheduled Activities. Popular nearby attractions include:

See Tucson Happenings or Visit Tucson for local listings of what to do, where to go and things to see.

Weekly Activity Planner

Weekly Activity Planner

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Park Activities

Park Activities

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Wagons West office and Corral Community Hall

Covered swimming pool

Pickleball courts

Activity Center for meetings, arts and crafts, sewing, quilting, etc.

Laundry with outdoor solar dryer (clothesline)


Covered hot tub

Shuffleboard courts

"Fun in the Kitchen" recipe demonstration

Gated vehicle entrance

Putting green

Mary Tea's Garden patio

North 40 recreation area and RV storage


St Patrick's Day parade


Fitness Center

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